Document Management System (DMS)

Easy and effecient mangement of business documents.

Irritated with all those document piles that never seem to end?

Looking for a Document Management System (DMS) system to enable you to access the document you are looking for with just a click?

We understand that information and documentation are key to running your business, we have therefore developed a DMS system that runs on every business database, and if we say every we mean every!

The DMS system runs unbounded from any established ERP system but is capable to work with all of them.

As indicated above, DMS Online is an application, that can be fully integrated with Sage Evolution. It enables you to store all crucial business documents in one central place while linking them to the relevant data in Evolution. DMS allows you to create your own record types (SQL queries defining your dataset) and link documents to those record types.

Obviously, all documents are safely stored on the company’s own server). This does, accordingly, allow for the facilitated internal recordkeeping and management of audits.

The web interface can be restricted to only local access or can allow external access for users who work outside of the designated office.

Take advantage of a unique Document Management System, tailor-made for you.

Key Benefits of Online Document Management System

  • Extremely versatile without any ERP system dependencies
  • Nothing hardcoded and everything definable!
  • All company (or group) documents are managed in one central place
  • Access through your browser, or through the Windows desktop application
  • Possible to integrate into the Asamco platform for single sign on of all your business applications
  • Tagging of documents for facilitated traceability
  • Easy sharing of documents
  • Password protection available for all documents
  • Easy e-mailing or downloading of document “baskets”
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