Farming & Construction Module

Gain a comprehensive perspective of your entire operations.

Boots on the ground, from agricultural operations to manufacturing plants, are you engaged in multiple-step-production processes?

Are you looking for an easy, extensive and faultless way to capture your costs across all manufacturing processes and report your work in progress?

The Farming & Construction module is an add-on for Sage Evolution, designed to help you capture and capitalise various production costs (i.e. fixed assets, inventory items, GL accounts, employee costs) simultaneously, and ease the recordkeeping of your work in progress.

The module will allow you to “harvest” your production processes into either inventory items or fixed assets, directly usable in Sage for further processing. Organise your production processes with precision and accuracy and save time and money in managing your business.

Making sensible decisions just got significantly easier!

Key Benefits of the Farming & Construction Module:

  • Full integration with Sage Evolution
  • Finalise projects into stock items or fixed assets
  • Timely information on present and required resources
  • Detailed process- and resource-planning possibilities through bills of materials
  • Facilitated cost allocation, based on actual inputs
  • Detailed unit cost calculations
  • Biological asset revaluation (IAS 41)
  • Nutrient calculations
  • Possibility to track works in progress and capitalise costs
  • Pro-rata split over shared expenses
  • Fully configurable workflow setup
  • Endless reporting possibilities
  • Import possibilities for transactions captured in remote locations
  • Integration with the RA Module
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