Intercompany Messaging System (ICMS)

Ensure the faultless flow of information between various databases, thereby enabling increased business efficiency.

The ICMS is a system, used to send and receive messages between multiple companies (databases) based on customised pre-set triggers and events.

It allows you to automate tasks, save time and instantly transfer information about intercompany transactions.

The system sends and receives automatic messages from an Azure queue and processes them based on the type flag of the message.

In doing so, it facilitates the simultaneous management of various actions.

Mission-critical communication between systems has never been this simple.

Key Benefits of ICMS:

  • Have your sales orders automatically processed when the system detects a purchase order, addressed to you, and vice versa
  • Faultlessly manage loan transactions with your lenders and borrowers
  • Make sure your records are up to date at any time
  • Save valuable time by automating your record-keeping activities
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