Loan Management System (LMS)

Gain complete control of all loan transactions.

Are you used to long and tiring loan-management processes?

Or are you looking for progressive means for loan oversight?

The Loan Management System (LMS) is a standalone Windows application that seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution. It allows for the control and maintenance of (intercompany) loans, syndicated loans, waterfall transactions, and many more. All transactions can be posted directly from LMS to Evolution, due to the seamless integration between the two.

Additionally, the software has customisable grids, facilitating the access to each individual user’s preferred information, extensive reporting and reconciliation tools, multi-currency support, and many more.

We understand the complexities of lone management, henceforth we streamline the loan management process.

Key Benefits of our Loan Management System

  • Store key information per loan
  • User-Defined Fields (UDF) support for any required customisation
  • Multi-currency support
  • (Import) foreign currency revaluation
  • Annuity and linear repayment schedules and/or transaction-based loans
  • Automated (mass) interest transactions
  • Flexible interest calculations (Fixed/Variable; Simple/Compounded)
    • Fixed vs variable
    • Compounding with various frequencies
    • All common day-count conventions
  • Withholding tax calculation
  • Endless reporting possibilities
  • Seamless integration with Sage Evolution

Add-on modules

In addition to the default LMS modules, the following add-ons are available upon your request.

Repayment schedule

Make use of functionality, aimed at providing means for facilitated management of repayment transactions. The “Repayment schedule” function within LMS will automatically produce a schedule, accustomed to the set loan details. No longer will you need to worry about the complicated repayment calculations, nor the repayment due dates.

Direct debit processing

Register direct debit mandates and process the direct debits easily and quickly through the software. LMS will generate a bank file and process the payments onto the loans.

Notification runs

Manage notifications to be sent to borrowers/lenders with just a few clicks. Customise the body of your emails and reports using this extensive reporting functionality, directly available in LMS.

Deals and Fees

Flexible fee setup to fit the requirements of your business. Add pools of multiple loans to a single deal and apply fees accordingly. Easy management of both your syndicated, as well as your direct loans.

Waterfall transactions – Fill in the cashflow and LMS will automatically deduct the applicable fees, calculate the waterfall amounts per loan and allocate repayments accordingly.

Task lists

Enhance your team’s performance with this task list module. All the (loan-related) tasks are centralized and directly accessible from within the application.

Create sub-tasks, add reminders, and note levels of completion. Set assignees and link task resources. Additionally, the module will automatically remind team members when tasks are about to fall due and/or are overdue. Obviously, including the necessary ability to (automate) emailing of tasks.


Furtherly distinguish your various transactions on a loan by setting a sub-transaction type per transaction and accelerate your reporting capabilities. Automate the process by using the defaults, available throughout the module.

Loan Management System Online

Accelerate your loan management with a web-based tool (Asamco Platform): Combine multiple web applications in one platform, with a single sign-on and easy management of your business processes.

Why go Online?

  • Single sign-on to all business applications
  • Worldwide access to all relevant information at any point in time!
  • Management of loan master-data
  • Loan creation – Allow (external) parties to create loans after completing a customizable prerequisites checklist and submit the new loans for approval.
  • Workflow to approve before loans are created!
  • Loan transaction import – Manage bulk-import of loan transactions (especially for parties acting as a loan servicing agent), all with convenient web-based approvals.
  • Web API availability
  • Combine with the Reporting module for extensive (self-creation) of business intelligence reports!
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