Reporting Module

Streamline your company or orginisation’s entire reporting process.

In need of an innovative and easy-to-use reporting system?

The Reporting module is a fully web-based standalone reporting engine hosted within the Asamco platform.

This powerful reporting can work with any database. There are no dependencies to any ERP package or accounting software.

The module allows for the simultaneous management of various reports on business data. Default report structures can be created and used in the subsequent creation of reports, using the Report wizard.

Creating insightful reports has never been this easy!

Key Benefits of the Reporting Module:

  • Save time by creating report templates for the facilitated subsequent creation of reports
  • Produce flawless reports, using data, directly accessible from your business database
  • Safe direct database access with a Web API
  • Start defining your own reports with the Report wizard
  • Have timely access to required reports
  • Scheduled emailing of reports
  • BIC (Excel), PDF, online Pivot, online datagrid report types by default available in the application
  • Create consolidated reports by fetching data from multiple-locations (optional)
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