Resource Allocation (RA) Module

Facilitate your process planning, cost and resource allocation, and manage your business with ease.

Need to gain better traction on allocated resources?

Are resource costs spiralling out of control, thereby inhibiting growth?

The Resource Allocation module is a web-based application, allowing for the planning, and control of resources.

The included stock issuing module allows you to set up approvals for your stock requisitions – manage the stock issuing and post fully issued stock directly to Evolution.

Earmarking resources where it makes the most business sense.

Why invest in the Resource Allocation (RA) Module?

  • Extensive resource-planning tool for both employees as well as assets
  • Easy capturing of actuals
    • Biometrics integration for employee working hours
    • Web API availability for third party integrations
  • Costs are directly booked onto the various manufacturing processes
  • Stock requisitions with approval workflows
  • Capturing and print stock issues
  • Automatic intercompany invoicing (including mark-up calculations)
  • Remote access to the application
  • Configurable workflows
  • Endless reporting possibilities
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