Sage Evolution Online

Manage your entire accounting function as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees effortlesly.

No longer willing to be bound by a desktop application and feeling the need to go online?

Evolution Online for Sage offers you a full advanced procurement module that is inexpensive, superior, faster, and online!

It is fully integrated with Sage Evolution and can completely substitute the need for Sage Evolution’s Advanced Procurement.

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Evolution Online allows for the easy initiation of procurement flows, with all relevant information directly accessible from the company’s database. Workflows are fully customisable and flexible in the setup – these can either be setup using individual user accounts (agents) or based on groups (agent groups).

Take your procurement to the next level!

There is more!

Accelerate your entire business by adding the following modules to your Evolution Online platform:

  • Sales orders
  • Credit notes
  • Return to suppliers
  • Payment batches
  • Direct debit batches
  • Supplier request

Evolution Online in a nutshell:

  • All procurement documents in one web-based application
  • Full history and audit trail of every document created in the platform
  • Multi-currency support
  • Support of branch accounting
  • Add-on modules available
  • Seamless integration with Sage Evolution
  • Both configurable with Evolution users, as well as active domain users
  • Extensive (customisable) reports
  • Customisable workflows from inside the App but integrated with Evolution’s workflows
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Dynamic website
  • Purchase orders sent directly to suppliers
  • Onshore and offshore notifications
  • Unlimited possibilities to do your procurement anywhere, anytime

Take advantage of a facilitated process from submitting the initial requisition to posting a purchase order, with the following add-on modules:

Purchase requisitions (REQs)

  • Submit new purchase requisitions (with all relevant information directly accessible from the company’s database, and with fully customizable workflows with flexible thresholds) to be authorized by the according to parties
    • Multi-currency support
    • Multiple lines (with different workflows) in one batch
    • Document attachment component per requisition line
  • Add and manage requisition lines
  • Attach messages and files for review by the authorizing parties
  • Review workflow steps
  • Review pending, approved and rejected requisitions
  • Make adjustments before approval
  • Edit and reactivate rejected requisitions with only a few clicks
  • Overview reports of requisition lines including timestamps of approval.

Requests for quotation (RFQs)

  • Convert approved requisitions into RFQ’s
  • Multi-currency support
  • Capture quoted price, quoted quantity, and date of the quotation
  • Review supplier quotes
  • Auto-generation of the (suggested) “winning” bid based on quantity and price
  • Select your preferred offer and convert that into purchase order (PO).

Supplier gateway

After generating the RFQ or launching the tender, allow your suppliers to capture their offers through an easily accessible web platform. The offers will be loaded onto the RFQ after which the winner will be determined.

  • Manage a portal, dedicated to suppliers directly inputting their quotations on quantities and prices
  • Provide suppliers with access to the system
  • Allow suppliers to navigate through all requests for quotations, addressed to them
  • Document upload possibilities for suppliers
  • Choose suppliers easily, based on the “winners” provided by the system.

Purchase Orders (POs)

  • Easy submission of direct PO’s or continuing your procurement flow into purchase order phase by converting RFQ’s into purchase orders in a matter of seconds
  • Attach messages and documents to be reviewed by the authorizing party – documents uploaded during requisition phase will follow the document ALL THE WAY through the procurement process
  • Manage authorisations of purchase orders
  • Ensure a secure and transparent procurement process with full audit trails of the events happened during the procurement flow

Payment batches

  • Straight-forward creation of supplier payment batches
  • Group your outstanding (supplier) invoices in bundles according to chosen criteria
  • Preset desired bank accounts, suppliers, default transaction dates, payment due dates, and action dates
  • Manage authorisations of pending batches
  • Edit amounts to pay while creating or approving the payment batch to facilitate partial payments
  • Enjoy a facilitated payment process and increased efficiency.

Create REQs and manage authorizations (workflow steps). Convert REQs into RFQs. Allow suppliers access to the Supplier gateway module. Enjoy the quick and seamless flow of information on requested quotes. Review the system’s bidding “winner”. Select your preferred supplier. Place a PO. Receive your goods, repay invoices, and have your GRV, generated by the system, at hand.

Additionally, Evolution Online has to offer much more:

Sales orders

  • Manage sales orders in an easy-to-operate web environment
  • Access all relevant data directly from your Evolution database
  • Specify workflow steps
  • Add detail lines per order
  • Attach messages and files to be reviewed by the authorizing party
  • Manage authorisations.

Expense claims

  • Post expense claims directly in the system
  • Create a separate workflow for expense claims
  • Document attachment component for slips, receipts, etc.

Credit notes

  • Create credit notes
  • Include information on the customer, workflow, branch, order, and delivery dates
  • Add detail lines
  • Attach messages and files to be reviewed by the authorizing party.

Direct debit batches

  • Create batches for direct debiting of customers
  • Effortlessly set bank accounts, customer options, default transaction dates, and payment due dates
  • Manage authorisations of direct debiting
  • Return to suppliers
  • Request returns to suppliers
  • Include information on the supplier, workflow, branch, order, and delivery dates
  • Add detail lines. Attach messages and files to be reviewed by the authorising party.
  • Save as draft or submit directly

Supplier requests

  • Request the addition of new suppliers to the system with a few clicks
  • Provide supplier details and reasoning for the request
  • Configurable workflows

Customer maintenance

  • Easy creation and maintenance of your customers
  • Fully UDF support
  • Accessible at all times with web-interface
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