Data Management. Cyber Security. Compliance. Protect your data!

IronTree provides data management services including cloud backup, disaster recovery and specialised server hosting in a private cloud.

They also offer cyber-crime and ransomware prevention, ongoing privacy law compliance management, and business continuity planning services.

These services enable our clients to prevent disasters that could impact their organisations and to manage their systems and data effectively within a legal framework.

Why IronTree? Here’s a few reasons:

Local Is Lekker

Their cloud backup and disaster recovery services are hosted in South Africa.

Real Human Service

They offer real human support. They understand and empathise with you when you have lost your information and are unable to work.

No Strings Attached

Monthly subscription based, no long term commitments.

Setup Assistance

They will make sure your service is running and setup is done optimally.

Nationwide Partner Network

They have a nationwide partner network when you require onsite assistance.

Friends With Benefits

A partner program that enables you to build a sustainable, recurring revenue stream.

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